Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paul The Psychic Octopus

So, the final whistle has blown at the FIFA World Cup. The crowds are heading home and at last the sound of vuvuzelas is fading from our bleeding ears. And……wait. Is that the smell of octopus being stir fried with chillies, sweet basil and a hint of sauerkraut? I do believe it is. I bet Paul the psychic octopus didn’t see that coming!

There can be no doubt that South Africa’s World Cup has been a resounding success. What a shame Bafana Bafana (The Boys) didn’t progress beyond the group stage. Never mind, considering their pre-competition form they did pretty well to come out with a win, a draw and only one defeat. In the end the only African team that won anything was Algeria – officially voted the ugliest looking team at the World Cup. For those of you who are interested, Wayne Rooney was voted the ugliest player. Frankly I’m surprised that anyone noticed he was there!

My sincere hope is that all the positive exposure South Africa has received over the past month will entice people to visit this exciting country and her neighbours – Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and yes even Zimbabwe which still has a lot to offer and is improving all the time. There’s never been a better time to visit the region. The vuvuzelas are finally silent, the football fans have vacated the hotels and prices will have returned to sanity. You’ll be blown away by the scenery, adore the animals and be charmed by the people.

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