Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Been There, Done That.

Okay, so you’ve been to Africa two or three times. You’ve got the bug. You’ve seen Cape Town, been to the top of Table Mountain, sampled the wine at the many wineries in the region – maybe even had one too many glasses at lunch time and had a snoring, drooly sleep on the way back to the hotel in the tour bus, when even the rattle of that half dozen bottles of chardonnay you purchased at the last stop couldn’t keep you awake. .

You’ve stayed at a luxury lodge at Sabi Sands, maybe Londolozi or Sabi Sabi. You’ve enjoyed their amazing cuisine and seen the “Big Five.” You’ve even tried some of the bush meat that they serve from time to time – warthog, eland, impala and my personal favourite – kudu kebabs, served with a creamy mustard sauce.

You’ve done a camping trip through Botswana, paddled a mokoro through the papyrus lined channels of the Okavango Delta. You’ve been within a trunk length of an old bull elephant, looked into his eyes and seen his ancient, gentle wisdom. You’ve lain in your tent at night listening to lions roaring, hyena cackling and jackals yapping.

You’ve gazed in awe at the Victoria Falls. You’ve heard it’s thunder and been drenched by the spray. You may have even been silly enough to dive off the Falls bridge with an elastic band attached to your ankle. You’ll certainly have floated gently down the Zambezi on one of the many sunset cruise boats. You might have even canoed there, carefully avoiding yawning hippos and cruising crocs.

Perhaps you’ve been to the Serengeti and witnessed the moving sight of two million wildebeests and zebras following the seasonal rain. You might even have struggled up Mount Kilimanjaro and stood breathlessly on the roof of Africa.

In short, you are a seasoned Africa visitor and you’re looking for something a little different. What about a spot of “Eco Training”? There are course of between one day and one year in duration that will give you a taste of what it is like to be an African game ranger. You can learn tracking, 4 wheel-drive vehicle and rifle handling as well as gaining an intimate knowledge of Africa’s incredible wildlife. How good is that? You may even be able to forge a new career as many of the courses offer formal qualifications. Go on, try it on your next trip.

EcoTraining Offers!
Professional Field Guide Course - 1 Year ~ With lodge experience ~ Gap Year
Field Guide Level 1 Course - 28 days ~ FGASA or EcoTraining Exams
Trails Guide Course - 28 days ~ FGASA or EcoTraining Exams
Conservation Game Ranger - 14 days ~ Ex-Kruger Ranger and Ecologist Ralf Kalwa
EcoQuest Course - 14 days ~ Experience and learn the life of a Field Guide
Snake Course - 1 day ~ Expert and Specialist Mike Perry
Tracks and Tracking - 7 days ~ Specialist Adriaan Louw
Wildlife Photography - 5 days ~ Specialist and well-known photographer Lex Hes
Birding Course - 7 days ~ Specialist Bruce Lawson (Basic and Advanced)
Educational Walking Trails - 7 days ~ Specialist guide Johna Turner
Safari Guide Level 1 Course - 28 days ~ Kenya
Guide Certificate 111 - 28 days ~ Australia RTO Status
School and Corporate Courses - Australia (only)

We aim to put the bush back into Africa for all those that are searching for the most authentic wildlife training and safari experiences.

For more information call me – Peter Emery on 0449 689 447
or email

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